Puppet Theatre

Soo...this is what i made for Silas' Christmas present:

yes. bad phone photo.
cant find my camera anywhere...

Anyway! Its a doorway puppet theatre, themed around a pirate ship to match his Peter Pan room.

The portholes are open so puppets can go through there as well, and the jellyfish and crab both have little holes for Silas to put his fingers through to be their tentacles & legs.

Not owning LTTS but wanting to participate, had to make it up as i went, so it still needs some tweaking...and I think I'll still add some coral and other details to brighten it up, but for now I'm happy with it.

So much work! And so worth it. Many thanks to Jessica over at A Little Gray for inspiring me to do this! 


  1. How fun! Love the portholes and the clever addition of built in crab and jellyfish puppets!

  2. WHA??? I can't believe you made this without even having the book. I love it. Silas will love it. Jesus loves it. The end.

  3. Wow! That's awesome! Love all the details!